The Ganze Megillah - Guinness World Record


Artist Avner Moriah affectionately calls this massive scroll a Ganze Megillah – his artistic illumination of the Scroll of Esther measuring a whopping 92 feet long (28.03 meters). In 2021, officials at the Guinness World Records agreed, awarding him the coveted “Totally Amazing” title for the longest megillah scroll ever recorded.


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Creating this magnum opus took 15 years reflecting thousands of hours of painstaking work. Moriah estimates that he applied more than 1 million brushstrokes to create the piece. “This version breathes fresh life into a biblical story that is both ancient and timeless,” he says about his Ganze Megillah (Yiddish for “the whole story”). “It now takes its place in history as the longest in existence.”

A magnificent, high-quality giclee version of Moriah's 'Ganze Megillah' is now available in a limited edition. 

This treasured Scroll of Esther comes in a striking canvas case.


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