Thou Shall Not Steal - Panel 9


(Upper left quadrant) - The Tosefta believes that when the Israelites claimed, 'We shall do all that God told us,' they were in reality 'stealing His mind,' deceiving Him, for they had not the ability to keep their promise.

(Upper right quadrant) - In the story of the 10 Martyrs, Rabbi Simeon, known for his beauty, had his face peeled off and given to the Roman princess.

(Lower left quadrant) - Women rush to obey, and are prompt in the fulfillment of the commandments,. Therefore God commands, 'Thou shall tell the house of Jacob,' -- this refers to the women. (Exodus Rabba 28)

(Lower right quadrant) - The plague of insects, a testament to the existence of Divine providence.

Limited edition of 250 signed and numbered art prints.

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