Do Not Commit Adultery - Panel 8


(Upper left quadrant) - The panel teaches us that the natural impulse burns Rabbi Hanina, and the study of Torah burns as well. We do not always know what fare the Torah exacts.

(Upper right quadrant) - From where did Sinai come? Rabbi Yossi taught: Out of Mount Moriah -- the place where our father Isaac had been bound as a sacrifice... For the Holy One said: Since their father Isaac was bound upon this mount, it is fitting that his children receive the Torah upon it (Midrash of Psalms 68:9).

(Lower left quadrant) - A talmudic legend describes a rav who sits and learns and abstains from relations with his wife. Nevertheless, his passion overcomes him. At the moment of truth, the Torah that the rav has been studying does not prevent his sexual instinct. The moral is that the battle against lust should not be fought by seclusion but by dialogue.  (Kiddushim 81b)

(Lower right quadrant) - The plague of locusts, a testament to the existence of Divine providence.

Limited edition of 250 signed and numbered silkscreen art prints.

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