Place No Other Gods Before Me - Panel 7


(Upper left quadrant) - Raban Gamliel is bathing in a bathhouse where a statue of Aphrodite stands. When questioned, he explains that he is in Israel, and the statue is trespassing into his territory. "What is treated as a deity is prohibited. What is not treated as a deity is permitted," he said. (Mishna Avodah Zara 3:4) 

(Upper right quadrant) - A midrash describes the 10 motifs expressing the fact that there is order in this world. God is merciful., and does not rush to judge.

(Lower left quadrant) - The death of Rabbi Ishmael, whose name exemplifies the hearing of God. He hears about the Divine decree, punishment for the selling of Joseph. He understands that there is no way to argue against the degree.

(Lower right quadrant) - The plague of lice, a testament to the existence of Divine providence.

Limited edition of 250 signed and numbered silkscreen art prints.

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