AM_BA_GAS_012- Panel 12


(Upper left quadrant) - The plague of blood. The Nile is a symbol of Pharaoh's reign, and the place where the plagues begin.

(Upper right quadrant) - When the Israelites said, 'We shall do and we shall listen,' they were rewarded with two crowns. The sin of the Golden Calf caused these crowns to be removed. Repeating the revelation at Mt. Sinai is a way to redeem the crowns anew.

(Lower left quadrant) - Man was created alone, so that he will not think of killing his mate. Man is irreplaceable, and must know that we are all equal, but different. 

(Lower right quadrant) - God explains to Moses that the crowns on the letters of the Torah are to be interpreted by Rabbi Akiva in the future. Moses travels to the future, but does not understand Rabbi Akiva's interpretations of the Torah, until he hears Rabbi Akiva say that they all derive from the Torah of Moses (Menahot 29b).

Limited edition of 250 signed and numbered silkscreen art prints.

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