The Scroll of Esther

The creation of Moriah's Megilot Esther (Scrolls of Esther) began with his thorough study of the narrative in order to comprehend the story's nuances and visual themes. Moriah then focused on his research on various cultures and traditions to learn how they visually depicted sacred texts and stories. The most dominant influences we Ancient Near Eastern and Far Eastern art, both of which produced two-dimensional images, and the Renaissance art, which as well as creating three-dimensional images, is laden with Biblical themes. In particular, Moriah was inspired by Persian, Indian, and Islamic art miniatures and Italian Renaissance paintings. These influences reflect the fact that Moriah is an Israeli artist who lives and works in the Middle East, yet whose education is Western. The result is that his Megilot Esther are like the storyboard of a play, broken up into various segments that impart to the viewer a sense of drama, while relaying a visual interpretation of the written text.

Magnificent Scrolls of Esther, plus prints, told in breathtaking images, colors and calligraphy can be a timeless gift for any occasion.

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