The Illuminated Five Books of Moses

For 2,000 years, artists have illuminated the stories of the Bible, with each artist expressing their unique perception and the spirit of the time in which he or she worked.

Avner Moriah's unique artistic contribution builds a visual interpretation of the text by comparing stories with similar structure, themes, or language – exploring the diverse and complex echoes that both connect the text and increase the potency of its message. This approach is Moriah's main contribution to the evolving tradition of illuminating this ancient text.

Scenes from the Torah come alive in these vivid prints. The Bible has never before been illustrated with such beauty and depth. They make a treasured gift, imbued with Jewish symbolism.

These high-quality giclee, limited-edition prints, are signed and numbered by the artist.

Measurements reflect the dimensions of the entire print, including the border. Size of the actual image may vary.

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