I Am the Lord - Panel 6


(Upper left quadrant) - The death of Rabbi Judah ben Dama. In this midrash, the rabbi wishes to celebrate Shavuot, although he knows he is about to die. The rabbi praises the Torah, even though God is hiding from him.

(Upper right quadrant) - A midrash: The sound of the trumpet grows louder, gaining strength from Abraham's trumpet. The people see the voices, or perhaps it is the ram of the sacrifice they really see. On the other hand, the people see their future, exemplified as the Messiah's trumpet. The midrash connects the past -- the binding of Isaac -- with the future, the coming of the Messiah; the redemption.

(Lower left quadrant) - Aaron holds his arm out over the waters of Egypt, and frogs come up and cover Egypt. The plague of frogs -- testament to the existence of Divine providence.

(Lower right quadrant) - The Holy One appeared to them as though He were a statue with faces on every side, so that though a thousand men might be looking at the statue, they would believe that it was looking at each of them. So too, when the Holy One spoke, each person in Israel could say, "The Divine word is addressing me." (Pesika d'Rav Kahana, 12)

Limited edition of 250 signed and numbered silkscreen art prints.

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